What Makes it a Wilson Window?


Strong windows are essential to any part of hurricane preparation. During hurricane force winds our impact-resistant glass may be the only thing standing between your family. Therefore, for protection it is imperative to install the best possible windows and doors. Wilson Window Glass & Mirror provides windows and doors with layers of glass interwoven with resin to create a shatter-resistant barrier. Secured with a strong frame, these windows and doors protect your home from destructive storms.

Energy Savings

Hurricane Windows & Doors are also energy savers. This is because in addition to being double or triple pane they have a film which in addition to protecting you from flying objects adds an extra layer of insulation. Whether double or triple pane, a film is interwoven into the glass. This not only protects you from flying objects during inclement weather it also adds an extra layer of insulation. This shields the interior from the weather outside, thereby reducing energy bills!

Noise Reduction

Our clients are amazed at how much sound is blocked by these heavy duty windows and doors. This is due to a couple of variables. First the thickness of the glass; second there are multiple layers of glass and at least one layer of plastic film. Quiet windows and doors create a tranquil home.


Our impact-resistant windows and doors not only help protect you and your family from hurricanes, they also protect your home from intruders! With enough force, our impact windows and doors splinter rather than shatter, making them difficult to break and hard to enter through. The tougher the glass, the less appealing to burglars.

Insurance Savings

Homes with impact windows and doors qualify for insurance discounts on some policies. Ask your insurance agent to see if you qualify.

Warranty on Installation

Every window and door we install is backed by our one year warranty, no questions asked.

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Types of Hurricane Windows

All Hurricane Windows and Doors are Vinyl, Aluminum or "Vinyl Hybrid" construction. Each design option below lends its own style and special benefits.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Window Icon

Double-Hung windows offer the flexibility of opening vertically from either top or bottom. The balancing system allows for easy operation. An embedded tilt latch allows for easy cleaning from inside your home. Double hung windows are most common when windows are narrow and tall. Depending on your home design we try to match the direction that windows open on each side of the house.

Picture Windows

Picture Window Icon

Frame your world with a gorgeous picture window. This artistic style offers an unobstructed view in nearly any size. Picture windows are constructed of a single panel and add elegance and efficiency to any home. Illuminate your home with natural light pouring in while you enjoy the view. Picture windows fit perfectly in the living room, over the kitchen sink, above stair landings or bedrooms.

Horizontal Rolling Windows (Sliding Windows)

Horizontal Roller Window Icon

Sliding windows actually have hidden wheels for easy operation. This window design allows optimal airflow when you want it and a premium barrier when you don't. Experience the beauty of side-by-side sashes with the security of laminated, impact-resistant glass. This sleek design incorporates strong glass, smooth rollers, and integrated locks. These windows meet the egress requirement with a single operation unlock function. Hurricane horizontal-rolling windows are also available in a colonial design with mullions and muntins between the panes of glass which supports easy cleaning.

Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Window Icon

This traditional style window offers classic appearance with modern safety technology. Laminated glass secured in a vertical frame, allows for smooth operation and steadfast protection. Encased in an aluminum frame, the impact-resistant glass provides a level of security unmatched by standard windows. Single-hung windows increase energy efficiency and reduce the amount of moisture that enters the house which prevents mold and mildew because they have fewer moving parts than double hung windows. Perhaps best of all, the single-hung windows are very cost-efficient and offer the best value.

Architectural Windows

Architectural Window Icon

Coming in unique geometrical configurations, architectural windows provide stunning style with premium material. Architectural grade windows offer the latest and greatest in energy efficiency and durability wrapped in a timeless design. Whether looking to enhance the beauty of a modern home or match the aesthetics of a historical one, architectural windows make a remarkable statement piece for your home.

Casement Windows

Casement Window Icon

Turn a handle and open your home with a classic casement window. Our casement windows include a multi-point locking system that adds strength and security. Concurrently, it also can meet egress requirements with a simple upgrade. Customize your window to allow for opening from left, right, or both together. Casement windows offer optimal airflow for comfort and convenience in any room of your home.

Awning Window

Awning Window Icon

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open outward with a turn of the handle. Awning windows are installed higher on the wall, allowing you to enjoy natural light and airflow with no obstruction. They provide a sleek look and are an excellent protection from rain and weather even with it open. Awning windows can be customized to fit a traditional or contemporary style. It comes in many different sizes.

Types of Hurricane Doors

Hurricane Doors are also available in different designs and sizes. The three primary types of doors are French Doors, Cabana Doors and Sliding Doors. Higher end homes also have very large doors known as wall systems, or moving glass wall systems.

Sliding Door (Slider)

French Door Icon

Our sliding glass doors offer superior hurricane protection with the beauty and convenience of indoor-outdoor living. Sliding doors seamlessly expand your home into your yard or screened-in patio. If the weather turns, the hurricane strength impact-resistant glass ensures the elements stay out and the interior of the home is protected. Sliding glass doors increase the natural light and enhance the views from your home. Sliding doors do not take up as much space as traditional doors. As well, they save more energy than traditional doors. Because they come with hurricane impact glass, sliding glass doors are a fantastic choice for rooms that open to the exterior.

Cabana Door

Cabana Door Icon

A beautiful door adorned with glass panes is the perfect compliment to your porch, garage, or pool bath. Cabana doors come in your choice of single-hung or fixed lite windows. Both single and double door options offer a great entrance for your indoor-outdoor space. Cabana doors are customizable and offer a modern design. Accent your home with a cabana door to let in light with style.

French Doors

French Door Icon

French doors with impact-resistant glass provide a stylish way to protect your home. Open these doors to truly bring the outdoors in. Close them to secure your home from storms and break-ins. French doors have built-in security features that make them an optimal fit for any home. Combined with a sturdy frame and our hurricane-impact rated glass, these doors create an elegant and safe entrance. Our hurricane French doors also come with matching side-lights.

Every installation meets Florida’s code for hurricane force winds and impact protection. All of our fixtures use premium caulking and stainless steel hardware. We stand behind everything we do because all work is done by our professional installers, never outsourced to subcontractors!