Norelco G370 Manual

Philips’ best known multi-purpose groomer

The Norelco G370 grooming system by Philips is an all-inclusive self-grooming kit suitable for the creation of your own unique style. It covers your traveling and domestic needs with its compact size and wireless operation. The full-size steel styler with high-precision blades cuts through the heaviest and toughest hair while creating straight, clean lines and accurate trim. In addition to multiple bits for grooming your beard, mustache, as well as nose and ear hair, it features a mini foil shaver together with a comb for the consumer-grade hair clipper.

Features and grooming bits

As opposed to the back-and-forth drive action in older models of Norelco G370, the modern ones boast an improved motor with a spinning drive action and a reinforced drive-train. This renovated full-metal motor provides maximum torque and remains in service for even longer.

The full list of accessories is as follows:

  • Full width trimmer attachment
  • 21 mm precision trimmer attachment
  • Mini-shaver
  • 3-D rounded cutter blades of stainless steel and lifetime self-sharpening design
  • Beard & mustache styler with the AccuControl precision system
  • Trimmer bit for nose, eyebrow, and ear hair
  • Hair clipping comb
  • Styling comb
  • Guide comb
  • Hair length selector with 9 positions
  • Storage/charging stand
  • Nylon bag for keeping the attachments

Technologically precise grooming

For easily manageable hair clipping or trimming this all-in-one grooming appliance offers its users the highly accurate AccuControl system. Combined with adjustable length settings, this unique creation by Philips allows even inexperienced users to fully control their trimming technique  without issue. The Norelco AccuControl design approaches your facial hair in the way professional hairdressers do. The flexible guide comb comes in contact with the contours of your face, regulating the trimming line to appear evenly. Whereas those uncomfortable-to-access areas such as the chin line and the throat now become easy to be reached and maneuvered over. You can now control how long your facial hair has to be and maintain the exact desired length by choosing among nine presets available with the hair length selector. Those presets also work with the hair clipping comb, which puts the precise control of your hair length within a click’s reach.

Specifics of using the Norelco G370

Pros and cons of the wireless

Charging the appliance can be done by plugging it into a 120V AC socket with the cord supplied in the package. The device feature a nickel-cadmium battery with up to 300 charging cycles. Users have been reporting actively using the grooming system for four years without having to replace the battery. The groomer requires approx.10 hours to charge in full, which will be enough for continuous trimming of up to 35 minutes in the cordless mode. As the result the battery lasts just the time you need for several trimming/clipping jobs before recharging it.

On the downside, the charger supplied in the box lack power to allow its user to shave directly during the charging process. The shaver also will see no battery indicator to monitor the remaining charge on their device.

Shaving and trimming

All the haircutting techniques of shapely trimming and even fading now can be implemented at home with just a bit of practice. The shaver has extra-wide design that makes it possible to capture more hair with each stroke and thus waste less time on grooming.

The appliance offers three hair cutting guards with 9 mm, 13 mm, and 16 mm lengths for quick touch-ups and for harder hair work as well. While clipping the guards on is pretty self-explanatory, the release requires a bit more care. The silver square button accessible on top in front of the power slider functions as a head-release button. As you press that one in, the blade guard along with its current grooming bit will come off. Make sure to catch them because they can be damaged after falling from height.

The other three guards are meant for beard trimming. The unique and durable design of these prevents the bits from bending or buckling. Both bits have a button accessible from underneath that allow you to regulate the trimmer guard closer to or further away from the working blades. Those settings are visible through the little cutout and are marked from 1 to 9 underneath on the razor. By adjusting the cut to the necessary height you can trim the beard to a perfectly even stubble, adding a manly stylish touch to your appearance. And if you need to remove the guards off the shaver entirely, you should put to use that very guard button.

Other trimming modes

Overall, the kit contains 13 pieces for facial and head hair grooming. Among those you will find a full-metal detailer blade, full-metal styler blade, a nose, brow, and ear hair trimmer, three hair styling guards, a stubble guard, three beard styling guards, a storage bag for the accessories, and a cleansing brush.

The patented SteelWave technology allows for fast, clean, and pinch-free shave each time, guaranteeing that your skin remains smooth and undamaged afterwards. For personalized preferences, the appliance offers you nine length settings. When put to work, it immediately appeals to you with its small and comfortable size—this model is easy to hold and handle, while its shape makes even reaching and doing the back of your neck trouble-free.

To work on your nose, ear, or eyebrow hair you will need to simply click on the corresponding bit on the groomer. Trimming nose hair will go as deep as 3/16 in (5 mm) into the nostril, ensuring that all the visible hairs are removed. For the best quality of your shaving, Philips recommends that the side of the cutting tip stay firm against your skin. In that way even a sensitive person won’t have to deal with the unpleasant tickling effect. Overall, the result of this procedure depends on how thoroughly you change angles when turning the styler; however, even the longest nose hair job won’t require more than 30-40 seconds per nostril. With a swift change of the attachment, you will also be able to deal with hairs extending from beyond the outer ear.

Another effect achievable with this grooming model is a well-defined beard line. The detailer blade gives you all the angles of access to trimming in a variety of modern beard styles. The mini shaver is comfortably narrow just so you can shave along the contoured edges to get rid of any stubble. This narrowness of the detailer makes it highly usable in small areas.

For contouring the nape of your neck or your hairline, you’ll need to turn the groomer along contoured edges and point the trimming attachment downwards, while holding it on the same level. The same should be done to contour the sideburns evenly. The mini-shaver reaches even closer than 3-head rotary shavers, which is good news for those who would like some touch-ups after using the less precise appliance.

Cleaning, maintenance, and storage

This appliance demands practically no maintenance except for easy cleaning.

When the shavings accumulate during use in the guide comb zone, you can get rid of those hairs by shaking, chopping lightly with the edge of your hand, blowing it through or using the brush provided. When you return the guide comb back in place, do not forget to adjust the trimming length to your desired setting.

All the bits in this kit can be safely rinsed and washed thoroughly under warm tapwater. Also, you can rinse the non-corrosive metal parts with water as they will never rust.

The blades here are made of tempered steel to remain sturdy and resistant to growing dull during years of service. Those blades require no lubrication or oiling. In the conditions of normal operation, their cutting performance will not decrease with use due to their self-sharpening design. This technology by Philips is called DualCut. It provides maximum precision and cutting speed with 2x more blades. During movement, the steel blades gently brush against one another, in this way getting honedas they work. As the result, self-sharpening blades remain fully operational even in 5 years of active use without giving its user the slightest discomfort.

Philips claims that no replacement will ever be needed with their impact-resistant cutting guards. However, user reviews show that those are not actually designed to withstand multiple hard fallsand can be shattered quite easily in the end. It is recommended to stay careful with those fiberglass bits to avoid destroying them and losing the ability to get even trims.

No special storage is required with this grooming system. All the bits can be kept in the small plastic bag provided so as not to clutter up your bathroom.

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