Download and Practical Review of Craftsman YT 4500 Riding Lawnmower Manual

A time-tested riding mower by Craftsman

A front engine riding mower has long earned its fame of being a reliable workhorse. The Craftsman YT 4500 comes in as a big helper for homeowners whose yard demands vast attention. Being a classic lawn tractor, this model is quintessentially designed for operation with a wide range of cutting decks on flat and unobstructed terrain with slopes up to 15 degrees. The Craftsman’s versatility assures it a trusted and stable position among the best lawn tractors, including John Deer and Husqvarna. Together with Craftsman, those three brands constitute an impressive 61 percent of the riding lawnmowers purchased yearly according tothe 2020 survey by Consumer Reports.

Overview of the YT 4500

Out of box, this hard worker might have a Briggs & Stratton twin-cylinder, 724 cc, 22 horsepower engine or a twin-cylinder, 725 cc, 26 horsepower Kohler Courage Plus under the hood, in case you’ve had the deck and engine upgraded. The Kohler set-up will cost you about a hundred dollars more. Craftsman supplies their engines assembled on 11 gauge full length steel frame for extra strength. The drive options on the market come down to hydrostatic and automatic drives, with the former getting a strong preference among today’s buyers.

For those users familiar with automatic drives, trying out a hydrostatic one might come in with what immediately feels like an improvement. The YT 4500 model has just two pedals for your right foot plus a shifter on the left side. With that low-sitting pedal pressed you will start moving in reverse, while the pedal in front of your foot is meant to propel the tractor forward. Because of the hydrostatic construction specifics, the transmission can be accessed on the back drawbar, so don’t forget that when you need to freewheel the machine.

The 28 Amp/Hr battery sits snugly just behind the engine and requires no maintenance by default.

The gas tank (with a volume of 3 gal) is fitted beneath the seat, with a filler placed to the seat’s leftmost. The fuel gauge is located directly on the tank, right between the driver’s feet, so no fast check-ups—you will actually have to get off the thing to make sure you have enough gas. Right there, in front of the filler, you will find the cutting height adjustment lever, and that one can be locked in six positions.

There is basic paraphernalia designed to make you comfortable, including a cup/bottle holder on the right of your seat, a headlight switch in front, and a cruise control that comes in handy for lawnowners who have many acres to work. Finally, this riding mower features a front-end bumper for extra safety. The mulching kit is available for choice and allows the machine to process the clipped grass, so that you can return nutrients to the soil, ensuring yourself a healthier, disease-free lawn.

Starting up and mowing with YT 4500

For those familiar with the electronic PTO, the mower offers a standard no-fuss driving routine. The hydrostatic drive is operated using the throttle and choke controls, two pedals on the left, as well as the brake and parking pedals; the attachment clutch engages the mower. The ignition switch has four positions for you to start, operate or kill the engine; the second position activates the reverse operation system that unlocks the reverse mowing mode. Except for having the ROS on, mowing backwards is otherwise impossible, since using the reverse pedal in the normal operation mode will simply reverse your movement without engaging the deck.

As for the cutting deck, the YT 4500 is compatible with systems of various widths, starting from the standard 42 inch and up to 54 inch in precision. The number of blades on those systems varies from two to three. The deck can be set at six heights, enabling you to either trim grass at different levels or use the machine on a slightly uneven terrain. It is also extremely useful for very tall grass, as you can mow twice at different heights and avoid the fire hazard due to long stalks bearing heavier load on the trimming system.

Keep in mind that the presence sensing system here will shut off the engine should you decide to leave the seat.


Sturdily constructed, the YT 4500 will require the minimum attention of her user. With seasons of duty, you will face an approximately 14 percent chance of the mower belt wearing out. Other slightly less common issues include the need to replace parts of the engine and/or mower deck. Some regular check-ups and refills can be done easily and with inexpensive tools and materials.

Mower blades

Depending on the challenges you put your blades to, these might get bent or blunted with time. The YT 4500 provides easy access to the blades for replacement needs. The entire replacement procedure can be done with raising the machine to a high position and without disassembling the cutting deck.

Engine oil level

A properly maintained engine of your YT 4500 works clean and does not produce noxious smokes or gas leaks. You will need to change the oil/oil filter every 50 hours of duty and refill the volume every 8 hours of operation.

Build-up of grass

Although designed for trimming debris-free, dry lawns, this model shows good performance even on damp plots. This, however, as well as plowing leaves, often results in a build-up of clumped matter. If you hear the blades whiz, then it is time to use a wooden spatula to scrape off the wet lumps of leaves and grass clippings that have built up inside the deck.


Having been manufactured over years, the YT 4500 models offer builds varying in quality andnumber of features. Some users prefer ‘fancier’ builds, while some stick to the ‘practical’ ones, but either way, all Craftsman’s mowers are very open to modification. Getting to know your tractor is the best way to ensure its long-time service, which in many homesteads approaches a period of 10-15 years.

The following components are considered optional, and their use can be adjusted to improve your experience with the model’s operation.

  • Electric deck lift/height adjustment. Certain users like to set it once when they get the machine and leave it in the same expedient position.
  • Electric PTO clutch. You can forsake this one, going instead for the manual movement of the lever.
  • Extra bits like the cruise control, power steering, or power brakes. Many people feel that these can make the routine more pleasant if not efficient.

Tweaks and add-ons

While there are lots of Briggs & Stratton admirers out there, it is not for nothing that the Kohler engine has earned itself it name ‘The Anvil’. The saying among tractor enthusiasts goes that with a carburetor replaced every eight years your Kohler will outlive the chassis it is mounted on. That is why YT 4500 models are often rebuilt to be Kohler engine-powered.

The popular tweaks include:

  • installing a speed up pulley for even better performance;
  • draining the hydro and filling the system with synth fluid.

This Craftsman can be equipped with baggers to pick up the trimmed grass as you mow. It holds a lot of grass enabling you to complete the job in your yard without having to make a stop. Also, it saves you time because you do not have to rack up leaves and grass clippings anymore. The bags can be easily removed and dumped.

Dell OptiPlex 7010 Manual

Dell OptiPlex 7010 is run by Windows 7 Professional operating system with 64-bit architecture. The version with Intel Core i5 has 4 cores (4 streams), whereas the Intel Core i7 has 4 cores (8 streams).

Memory and Storage

With its high-speed DDR3 SDRAM, 4GB or 8 GB of inbuilt standard memory,and 1600MHz clock speed, Dell OptiPlex 7010 won’t lag or get slow while performing several tasks at a time.As this computer is intended for office work, its RAM amount is enough for utilizing standard office programs or video streaming. The maximum memory extension is possible up to 16 GB due to three empty DIMM memory slots.

The hard disc drive sizefor this personal computer may vary from 250 GB to 1 Tb, which is more than enough for storing documents, video, and media files.

Working on this desktop computer, you have the possibility to choose between the hard disk, solid-state, and hybrid drive, thus striking a balance between performance and technology.The integrated Intel HD graphics chipset offers great graphics capabilities for Dell OptiPlex 7010 users.

Dell OptiPlex 7010: Diverse Designs for Your Convenience

Computers Dell OptiPlex 7010 are available in four different chassis. They are similar in the design but their size is different. You can choose between such chassis as:

  • Mini Tower;
  • Desktop Computer;
  • Small Form Factor;
  • Ultra Small Form Factor.

The technical characteristics of these devices are also not the same, yet all of them can make your office work effective. Even small and ultra small form factors can cope with difficult tasks and manage regular high loads. The compact size of these types of chassis allows you to conveniently organize your working space. Besides, their excellent cooling system helps to avoid discomfort in the offices where five or more devices are working throughout the day.

Of course, you can give preference to the traditional mini tower. The only drawback, if we can say so, of this type of chassis is that they are not that mobile as their smaller size versions.So you always have the possibility to choose which of the four types of Dell OptiPlex 7010 chassis is more convenient for your working space.

All four types of Dell OptiPlex 7010 devices have a common design. They look stylish and laconic, which makes them fit any office interior. Besides, you can combine different types of chassis in one office space still keeping the common style.

Dell OptiPlex 7010 Connectivity

               Except for the basic specs of the personal computer, much attention should be given to the convenience of its use in the office. That’s when you should pay attention to the design of the device, the possibility of its use with several displays, and configurations for connecting peripheral devices.

               As for the design, OptiPlex 7010 is available in four form factor chassis ranging from the classic tower to ultra small form factor (USFF). All these feature similar specs, so you won’t compromise on the functionality for getting a better organized working space. All chassis of Dell OptiPlex 7010 (except for USFF) have 6 USB 2.0 connectors and 4 USB 3.0 connectors on the front and the back panels. The ultra small version has 2 USB 2.0 and 4 USB 3.0 connectors. Except for the possibility to share the information fast, the USB ports can be used for charging gadgets by utilizing the feature USB Powershare.

               Except for these, the OptiPlex 7010 has two display connectors and a VGA port. Not many other computers can boast of such a connectivity system.

Optical Drives

               Not all computers now have DVD-drive, but it’s not about Dell OptiPlex 7010. Regardless of the type of chassis you choose, they all let you use disks. The maximum data transfer rate is 16x DVD/48x CD for mini tower and desktop chassis and 8x DVD/24x CD for small and ultra small form factor chassis.

OptiPlex 7010 Media Card Reader

Except for the DVD-drive, the Dell OptiPlex 7010 has a cardreader so you and your office staff can easily download, read, and upload the needed information from almost any type of card formats, including SM Specification 2003, MMC, SD, MS. The card readers inbuilt into OptiPlex 7010 support even MS-PRO type of cards, which is quite rare with other computers. The maximum date transfer rate for the card reader in OptiPlex 7010 is 480 Mb/s.

Such versatility of the card reader allows you to avoid additional expenses related to the purchase of external card readers, which saves your money, working space, and time. By the way, the functionality of the card reader is the same for all four types of Dell OptiPlex 7010 chassis.


               One of the crucial aspects of business is keeping your documents library out of third-party intrusion. With Dell OptiPlex 7010, you may not worry about this. The computer features integrated on the system board Trusted Platform Module. Another standard security option for all OptiPlex 7010 computers is the Chassis lock slot and loop support.

               As for the optional security measures, you can opt for:

  • Dell Data Protection/ Hardware Encryption Engine. It prevents the leakage of data through the external hard drives that are connected to the computer, as well as USB ports, SD Cards, eSATA, etc.
  • Dell Smartcard Keyboard is an input device, which can also add to your information security. It has an integrated smart card, which identifies the user allowing or denying access to the PC.
  • Chassis Intrusion Switch. This tool indicates any intrusion into the computer hardware in the system event logs. Thus, any unauthorized actions will be detected. The safety tool activates right after the cover of the system chassis is removed.

Dell OptiPlex 7010 Summary

               When looking for quality, reliable, versatile, and effective computers for your office, studies, or any other needs, Dell OptiPlex 7010 is definitely a strong option to consider. Some may say that it’s dated, and there are much better alternatives now. It’s true, but it’s also true that Dell OptiPlex 7010 is a worthy device that will easily manage your office tasks daily. This computer is designed to last years, regardless of the volume of tasks it will have to perform daily. It is a workhorse, which will support the work of your office round the clock without days off and rest.

               Its technical characteristics are good enough for a PC that is designed for business and office work. Even if some of the specs, like memory volume, are not good enough for you, there is a possibility to increase it, and thus to level-up your device. When comparing Dell OptiPlex 7010 with some newer office computers, the device we are talking about wins in terms of the possibilities of its inbuilt card reader and information protection tools.

               Dell is a company with more than 35 years of experience. This company is on the TOP-3 of the world’s rating of companies supplying computers for office work. An estimate of 30% of white-collar workers around the globe uses the products of this company in their everyday office work. So making a decision in favor of the purchase of Dell OptiPlex 7010, you are sure to get what you expect.


A thermostat is an important gadget needed it any apartment. It is used for heating or cooling the air and creating comfortable environment. There is no secret that all people are different – some like when it is cool while others prefer warmth all the year round. That is the question of a comfort bubble. There is no doubt that from time to time everyone would like the air around to be a bit warmer or chiller. That is not the question of oddity but the necessity for comfortable arrangements of working and living space. For example, you work in an office in a city that is far from your house. So you should wake up early in the morning, it is a bit chilly, so you may need the air to be heated a bit for making you comfortable. But after a long hot working day you come back home, the weather is sunny and your house has been heated under boiling sun. There is a possibility you may wish to chill the air by switching the air-cooler on. Due to the modern technologies now everybody has an opportunity to create the most comfortable living and working environment. The up-to-date devices are able to comply with any temperature and humidity needs of a human being. 

Ritetemp thermostat is one of the best gadgets of its type helping to organize the air conditioning and heating systems. This device does not only create comfortable conditions for all habitants of your apartment but it also helps to save you money in energy bills. Nowadays it is easy to buy a Ritetemp thermostat from any online shop such as Amazon, for example. The Ritetemp thermostat can be easily and fast mounted and programmed. So in several hours after your lucky purchase you will be able to enjoy all advantages of the Ritetemp thermostat at your own place. It will operate as an air conditioner during hot summer days and as a heater on windy cold winter days. Don’t worry that you will need to get up in the middle of a night to change to temperature into the comfort one. The Ritetemp thermostat can be easily programmed and will switch on and off automatically according to the custom specifications. Of course there are various models of the thermostat with different features providing customers with the best options to choose according to the needs required. Below you can find full information concerning numerous advantages and some disadvantages of Ritetemp thermostats.


  • A lucky owner of the Ritetemp thermostat will not need any additional devises or equipment for operating it. The thermostat can work together with the chilling and heating instruments or a heat pump. Therefore an owner of the Ritetemp thermostat should not be concerned about any additional incidental expenses caused by any non-compatible equipment.
  • The Ritetemp thermostat is of high quality. Due to that fact it provides not one but four different application settings in line with the climate. Any owner of the Ritetemp thermostat can easily preset any of these programs and afterwards turn on the necessary program. Moreover due to the built in energy efficiency program you will save a lot of money. This energy efficiency program is available for all models and temperatures. Moreover any owner of the Ritetemp thermostat  can easily adjust the setting of the thermostat any moment for the environment to be the most appropriate for an occasion or time. This means that the Ritetemp thermostat will not only make a comfortable environment in your apartment but will also save your money
  • A Ritetemp thermostat possesses a large LC display for users to be able to read digits and numbers clearly. This is convenient as users won’t need to come up to the device at all times to see the numbers on the display.


  • Such devices as thermostats should be maintained on a scheduled bases for long running. Sometimes users forget to service a thermostat and it needs cleaning or some other maintenance. Owners of the Ritetemp thermostat should not worry about forgetting about maintanence because this device is equipped with an air filer alert. It will notify when the cleaning is necessary or even in the case a thermostat should be replaced. 
  • Due to innovations and technology development various companies use fancy technologies in their devices. For example, touch screens that are so popular nowadays. This helps devices to be more attractive and easy-to-use for potential buyers. Unfortunately not every model of Ritetemp has such a feature.
  • Buyers of Ritetemp thermostat will have no compatibility issues in general. Nevertheless this gadget fails to work with any heating system of 120-voltage or even a multi-stage heat pumps.

Design of RiteTemp Thermostat

There are a lot of models of RiteTemp programmable thermostats but all of them have the same basic design. Such thermostats have a screen on their front. From the screen users will read such information as the current room temperature, the set temperature, etc. These thermostats also have a mode switch so that users will be able to choose “Heat” or “Cool” as well as buttons to increase and decrease temperature. In some models there is a touch screen function which can be operated by a stylus or a finger.

Below you can find the list of Ritetemp thermostat models

  • Ritetemp thermostats are presented with different models having their own series numbers. Generally there are the 8000 series and the 6000 series. These series have various models with different features that can provide customers with a wide choice of models that will satisfy all their requirements. Thermostat models vary in heating and cooling options, touch features, backlight options, LCDs as well as setting programs.
  • Ritetemp thermostat 6022:
  • Like all other models of Ritetemp thermostats, this model possesses an Energy-Star program which is highly recommended by EPA. This has been created to satisfy all needs of a user. Nevertheless if a customer needs to make some changes it is possible to make them.
  • This model of the thermostat possesses cool and heal controls. In this model users will find a swing feature that will show the temperature difference between the On and Off positions. Owners of this thermostat model have also an opportunity to Lock any chosen settings so that no other person will be able to change them. The air filter feature of the thermostat controls and measures work of the furnace, moreover, it  lets users know when replacement is necessary. When batteries have to be replaced the Low battery icon flashes. This thermostat model is compatible with all types of millivolt and 24VAC heating and cooling systems.

Ritetemp thermostat 6030

Ritetemp thermostat 6030 possesses a large touch screen LCD. Here users will find information concerning the current day, time, target temperature, room temperature as well as the thermostat mode. Owners of this thermostat model can operate it using a stylus or simply by a finger touch. Unfortunately the Ritetemp 6030 cannot be used together with line voltage systems. Nevertheless this thermostat may be used with all millivolt and 24VAC heating and cooling systems. Moreover it can operate together with a zoned hot water – motor valve. This model possesses the low battery alert function, swing between the On and Off positions, lock functions, as well as air filter alert function just like Ritetemp thermostat 6022.

Ritetemp thermostat, 6036:

The next observed model is Ritetemp thermostat 6036. It belongs to the 6000 series and possesses a touch screen LCD for a user to be able to adjust the temperature according to any needs. This model of the thermostat can work with 24AVC and all millivolt heating and cooling systems. Unfortunately it will not work with line voltage systems. This model also possesses the low battery alert function, swing between the On and Off positions, lock functions, as well as air filter alert function just like Ritetemp thermostat 6022.

Ritetemp thermostat 8050c

This model of the thermostat can work with air conditioning and heating systems which use oil, electric or 24-volt gas. To make the matters worse this thermostat can work with all sorts of heat pumps and gas millivolt heating systems. Note that it cannot be used neither with 120 volts heating systems or multi-stage heat pumps. This up-to-date model of the thermostat can be programmed for up to four distinct programs per day. Due to a large LCD users will be able to get information concerning the set temperature, room temperature, day, time, room temperature.

Ritetemp thermostat 8030c:

The next model of the thermostat is one of the most modern ones. Ritetemp thermostat 8030c possesses a touch screen LCD with three different screens. They are a home screen (used for seeing what has appeared on the display), a menu screen (used for setting the time and day with the necessary temperature) and a program screen. This thermostat is energy-efficient due to the Swing function so a user can customize the system according to any special needs.

Ritetemp thermostat 8035c:

Here we have one of the most up-to-date thermostat models. This is Ritetemp thermostat 8035c. It has a comfortable touch screen LCD. There are two ways to use it – by a stylus or by a finger touch. This thermostat possesses three basic screens. They are a home screen (for showing the settings chosen) , a menu screen (for setting the day and time) and a program screen (for setting the desired temperature for a specific day and time). This model has lock settings, air filter and swing functions just like all other Ritetemp thermostat models.

Ritetemp thermostat 8029B

This model has all the operation features of 8050c. This thermostat model can operate with heating and cooling systems just like Ritetemp thermostat 8050c. This modern digital gadget can be set to the necessary cold and heat temperature.

Ritetemp Thermostat, 8082:

The next model observed is Ritetemp thermostat 8082. It possesses the same features for heating and cooling as Ritetemp thermostat 8050c and 8029B. It is possible to create up to four different programs (periods) per one day. Moreover it is also possible to use pre-set temperature programs or install your own ones. As this model is one of the latest ones, it has a touch screen LCD with backlight. Due to that users of this model receive the opportunity to see all the indications and readings clearly even in darkness. On the compliance LCD owners of the thermostat will see the following information: set temperature, room temperature, day and time. This model of thermostat is especially easy and comfortable to use as it possesses the remote function that can be used from 30ft distance.

Ritetemp thermostat 8022c:

All Ritetemp thermostats of the 8000 series have the same requirements concerning voltage and heating and cooling systems compliance. This model can be programmed for each particular day. To turn off this mode users will have just to press the Mode button. This modern model of the thermostat possesses the Lock feature so that the owner can make settings and prohibit making any changes to other family members and guests. This clever system will inform its user about a low battery (a special icon will flash). Note that in case you wish to keep all the set functions you have only thirty seconds to change the batteries and after that the thermostat will be reset.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should I do to program the Ritetemp thermostat?

Setting programs for Ritetemp Thermostat:

The first variant

The Ritetemp company makes user-friendly thermostats. So it is very easy and fast to set necessary programs even if you do that for the first time. Nevertheless is you have any issues concerning how to set or change programs for your thermostat you can use the Ritetemp installation and operation guides. An owner of the thermostat can easily set the day and time as well as the necessary humidity and temperature levels. To make the settings a user should simply follow the given steps:

1. It is necessary to understand the purpose – why you are going to use the thermostat. So that you need to choose an option: heating or cooling the air in your room.

2. As soon as you have made your choice you should press the Program button and select the day. To choose the day needed you should keep on pressing the button.

3. The next step will be time setting. Here you should also keep on pressing the button until the settings will show the necessary time – whether it is morning, day, evening or night time.

4. Now we have come up to the most interesting and the most important section – we will set the temperature. There is nothing difficult as there are “+” and “-” buttons for high and low temperatures. Any of these buttons should be pressed together with the SET button so a user can choose the necessary temperature. If you need higher temperature you should press the  “+” button and if you need the temperature to be lower you should press the “-” button.

5. As soon as you have coped with setting the desired temperature level you should press the Next button.  Here you will receive the next time slot of the day for setting. As we have got an opportunity to make 4 different setting per day, the setting process will be repeated 4 times. This means you will set the program for the day time first. After that when you press the Next button you will make the setting for the evening time, after that for the night time and for morning, of course.

6. At first it may seem a bit difficult and wearily to make settings for 4 times per day seven days a week. Of course the producer of the thermostat has taken care of it. The gadget has the Copy option. This means that in case you wish to set the same temperature for Wednesday and Friday, for example, you should just copy the preset temperature settings from Wednesday to Friday. This does not mean that you should necessarily copy the settings for the whole day – you may copy settings of a separate time slot to another one.

The second variant

First, you should set the clock on your thermostat. For that you should press the “Set Clock” button once in order to choose the day of the week. After that you should press the left-arrow “Time” button or the right-arrow “Time” button in order to choose the day. After that you will have to do the same operation for choosing the time. The next step will be pressing the “Home” button to store your settings. If you wish to start the pre-set Energy-Star approved program, you should choose  “Heat” or “Cool” with the Mode switch.

In case you would like to create your own program, you should press the “Program” button. After that press the “Day” button for choosing the day, then the “Next” button to choose the time slot you want to program. This thermostat provides you with the ability to choose such time slot options as “Morn,” “Day,” “Even” and “Night”. To choose the necessary temperature you should press the “+”or “-” button until you see the desired temperature level.

Press the +/- buttons until the display shows you the preferred temperature for a chosen time slot. It is possible to change the time for that particular time slot by pressing the left-arrow “Time” button (it will move the time back) or the right-arrow “Time” button (it will move the time forward).

For moving to the next time slot you should press the “Next” button and repeat all the steps mentioned above. So you can program each time slot separately. For programming each day you should press the “Day” button and repeat all the above steps. In order to copy the program to another day you should just press the “Copy” button. You should press the “Day” button for moving to the day you would like to copy to the program. To confirm and save the changes you should press the “Copy” button once gain. In case you do not want to copy you should press the “Home” button to exit without changes.

  • Where to receive the operation guide for Ritetemp thermostat?

Ritetemp thermostats are sold with detailed installation guide. So that owners of a thermostat will have no issues in mounting their new device. In the manual you will find detailed information concerning installation as well as the safety measures what should be kept up during installation. In the manual you will also find comprehensive information as for tools and accessories needed for installation. So that you will have no surprises if you check the list before beginning the installation.

3. Ritetemp thermostat installation guideline

The main item to follow is safety measures to be taken during mounting the device.

Safety Precautions:

  • First you should switch off the air conditioner or heating system where you are going to install the thermostat.
  • Second you should turn off main electricity lines. Take note that they should be turned off during all the time of the mounting process.
  • Use wires that comply with codes and instructions as this is important for your safety and the gadget quality.
  • Make sure you do not across the electric terminals at the control on the furnace for testing the system. This is very important if you do not want to damage the thermostat.
  • Take care of particular use of millivolt and volt AC systems. Limit your thermostat to 1.0 amps at max in order not to damage it.
  • Where is the right place to install a thermostat?
  • It is obligatory to locate your thermostat inside a house. Moreover it should be mounted at a minimum of 5 feet above the floor.
  • Note that a thermostat should not face direct sunlight so you should choose the right wall and place for the device before starting to mount it. It is also important to note that there should be no unusual heating or cooling beside the thermostat, for example heat from gas pipes or hot water pipes, cooling conditions, a door or a window with good passing.
  • Take into consideration that damp locations might result in corrosion. If you wish to prolong the thermostat working life you should avoid such locations as well.  
  • A place for mounting the thermostat should not be a corner that does not face any ventilation.
  • Do not start mounting a thermostat before all decoration works are over. That means you have done all construction works for the wall with the paintings, wallpapers, and drillings.
  • It is necessary to take off the existing old thermostat.
  • How can I remove my old thermostat?
  • Before you start mounting a new Ritetemp thermostat, it is necessary to remove the old one. First of all you should turn off the main electric supply power to the heating and cooling systems.
  • Unscrew or uncover the old thermostat.
  • It is recommended to label the terminals. Read instructions for removing those of the old thermostat.
  • Make sure you have unscrewed the device entirely and there is no screw left. After that you can easily take the old thermostat off.

6. What should I do to reset my thermostat?

As a rule for resetting a thermostat at first you should turn off your device, remove batteries and wait for several minutes. After that you should put the batteries in and turn on the thermostat. After that the thermostat will be reset. But for Ritetemp thermostat you will not have to do that as this up-to-date gadget has the reset button. You do not have to switch the thermostat off or remove the batteries. Owners of Ritetemp thermostat have to uncover the device and press the Reset button. That is all, now your thermostat is reset and ready to be programmed again.

What does SDP stand for on a thermostat?

Special Day Programming

What is override on a thermostat?

You can have your thermostat working when you need. It is possible to temporarily override your programmed schedule and regulate the temperature when you need it to be changed. Such override will automatically cancel and renew the normal programming.

How do you bypass a RiteTemp thermostat?

This is a helpful question for owners of Ritetemp thermostat 6022 5 . The Override function should the canceled automatically when the next set time period begins. If you need to make it manually you have two variants to override: 1) first you should move the mode switch to cold, and after that move it back to heat. 2) The second variant: press the Temp Hold button TWICE.

How do you program a RiteTemp thermostat 8030c?

The device should be in the HEAT or COOL mode. After that you should press the MENU button, after that press the Temp Up/Temp Down arrows in order to adjust the temperature reading. CALIBRATE DISPLAY ON will appear.

How to program a RiteTemp thermostat 8022?

Choose the TIME SLOT you want to program. In order to change the TIME SLOT (P1, P2, P3, P4) you should press the NEXT button. Choose the needed temperature for a TIME SLOT. For changing the temperature for that TIME SLOT you should press the TEMP UP/TEMP DOWN buttons.

How to change the battery in a RiteTemp 8030c thermostat?

The thermostat 8030C model needs batteries to operate a furnace and keep programming in memory. Move the MODE switch to OFF and the FAN switch to AUTO. After that you should remove the device from the wall turn it over and install 2 AA alkaline batteries.

How to change RiteTemp to Fahrenheit?

To change thermostat to Fahrenheit you should press the TEMP UP and TEMP DOWN buttons for choosing the necessary temperature. The set temperature will be shown on the display. If you press no button the display will return to the current temperature in 5 sec. Centigrade / Fahrenheit selection.

How to find out your Ritetemp thermostat model:

In case you do not know the exact model of your Ritetemp thermostat you should pull the thermostat bottom away from the wall, after that the thermostat will pop off the mounting plate, showing a small sticker (in the very middle of plate)with the model number on the mounting plate. In order to mount the thermostat back you should seat the top of the thermostat onto the two tabs, after that you should press toward the wall on the bottom of the thermostat.

How to Program a Ritetemp Model 8050 Thermostat

1: Choose one of the 4 time slots for programming.

In the Ritetemp thermostat they are named as P1, P2, P3, P4.  The first time slot P1 stands for the period when you wake up, the second P2 is the period when you go away for work, P3 is the time when you come back home, P4 is the period when you go to bed. In case you stay home for a whole day, you may prefer some time slots to be identical (for example P1, P2, and P3).

2: Open the front door of the Ritetemp thermostat.

For that you should pull it down from the top.

          3: Steps for programming

In case you have several days that should have the same program, you can set the program for one day only and skip to Step 4.

          Step 4: Copy the set program to other days

a.  Press the PROGRAM button.
b.  Press DAY> for choosing the “source” day (SU MO TU WE TH FR SA).
c.  Press the COPY button.
d.  Press DAY>  several times for picking the necessary day (SU MO TU WE TH FR SA).
e.  Press the COPY button once more for pasting the schedule to the chosen day.